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When it comes to making your home look its best, don’t forget about the importance of a well-landscaped yard. There are many different services that a landscaping team like the one at David’s Lawn Care can provide in order to make sure your lawn is maintained and looking its best. Some of our most popular and simple services include lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and leaf removal.

In addition to these basic services, there are also many other options that can be considered in order to create a beautiful custom landscaping plan for your home. These options can include things like planting new trees or shrubs, installing irrigation systems, or even creating custom features like waterfalls or ponds. No matter what you’re looking for, David’s Lawn Care can help make your vision a reality. Explore our list of services below.

Landscaping Services

Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

Lawn maintenance and landscaping is important for many reasons. A well-manicured lawn can improve the appearance of your home, increase its curb appeal, and even make your neighbors jealous. But beyond making your home look good, maintaining your lawn can also help to protect it from damage. Regular lawn care can prevent issues like insect infestations, disease, and erosion.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

As the seasons change, so does the work that needs to be done around the house. Just as you deep clean your home in the spring, you should also give some attention to your outdoor spaces. A little bit of landscape cleanup in the spring or the fall can make a big difference come summer or winter. Contact David’s Lawn Care to help you get your landscape prepared for the upcoming seasons.

Stump Grinding

If you have a stump in your yard, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. Stump grinding is a relatively simple process that involves using a special machine to grind the stump down into small pieces. The benefits of stump grinding include: getting rid of an unsightly stump, making it easier to mow your lawn, and preventing new tree growth. Lucky for you, we are stump grinding experts. Give us a call!

Tree Removal

When a tree becomes a nuisance or dies, it often needs to be removed. Tree removal is not as simple as sawing it down. The entire tree, including the root system, must be removed to prevent regrowth or disease spread. This process can be overwhelming, but is necessary to maintain a healthy property.

Yard Installation: Sod and Hydroseeding

Sod and hydroseeding are two different methods of grass installation. Sod is pre-grown grass that is cut into strips and laid down in a prepared area. Hydroseeding is a process where seed, fertilizer, and mulch are mixed together and sprayed over a prepared area. Both sod and hydroseeding have their own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll be able to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Hardscapes: Sidewalks, Retaining Walls And Patios

Sidewalks, retaining walls, and patios are all important aspects of landscape design. They can be used to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. When designing a landscape, it is important to consider how these elements will work together to create the desired effect. Sidewalks can be used to define space and create a sense of flow. Retaining walls can be used to create raised beds or to level out a sloped yard.


Sealcoating is a process used to protect asphalt pavements from weathering and wear. The process involves applying a thin layer of sealant to the surface of the pavement. Sealcoating can extend the life of an asphalt pavement by up to 10 years. It is important to note that sealcoating is not a repair technique and should not be used to fix cracks or other damage to the pavement.

Power Washing

If your home is starting to look a little dirty and you don't have the time to power wash it yourself, David’s Lawn Care would be more than happy to do it for you. Power washing is a great way to clean the exterior of your home and get rid of all the dirt, grime, and pollen that has built up over time. Not only will it make your home look cleaner, but it can also help to extend the life of your siding and paint.

Snow Removal and salt Spreading

In the winter, snow and ice can make sidewalks and driveways dangerous. It is important to remove snow and ice so people can walk safely. The team at David’s Lawn Care are experts in snow removal and salt spreading techniques. Contact us today to learn more.

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